For QMotion Qadvanced battery-powered automated Roller Shades, battery life expectations will vary based on a variety factors, including motorized shade size and usage. Replace all batteries at the same time using only new quality brand D-Cell Alkaline batteries. Be sure to change all automated shade batteries at the same time using the same brand from the same package. Some brands perform better than others, and some stores may carry newer inventories which can affect the longevity of batter life in your QMotion shades.

When automated shades begin to run slower, or you are otherwise ready to change batteries, you can follow these simple procedures to get the job done.

Determine the generation of the roller shade you have:
Generation 1 shades were produced prior to 10/5/2012. If you are not certain which version you have, or to verify, refer to these differences.

Motorized Shade Roll Ends

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Generation 1 motorized shades have a chrome colored end on the side of the shade tubes where the battery is located. In the case of a standard roll shade (as shown in the images) this will be on the left side of the shade, and for a reverse roll shade (the fabric rolls off the front of the roller tube) this will be the right side.

Generation 2 motorized shades have a white end on both sides of the shade tubes.


How to change batteries for Generation 1:
For Generation 1 QMotion Roller Shades, you will need to unmount the shade from the brackets, and remove the battery tube from the shade.


Motorized Shade Battery

Gen 1 Battery Video

Gen 1 Battery Instructions


How to change batteries for Generation 2:
You do not need to unmount your Generation 2 QMotion Roller Shades to change the batteries. You will need to put the shade into battery change mode first.

 Automated Roller Shade


Gen 2 Battery Video

Gen 2 Battery Instructions