Second Generation of QMotion Shades Increases Efficiency, Ease of Use November 27th, 2012

QMotion Shades continues to roll out improvements to its automated shades, making them virtually hassle-free.

QMotion’s optional battery system, already the most long-lived in the industry, can now deliver as much as 50 percent more in years of performance, a big jump from its previous superior life expectancy of up to 5 years, according to extensive laboratory testing.

And the batteries are easier to remove on those rare occasions when they must be replaced. Batteries now can be changed without removing the shade from the brackets.

QMotion's ultra-quiet shades are the only automatic window shades available with a manual over-ride feature and in addition, fabric now is easier to remove or install on QMotion shades, thanks to a new snap-on spline lock system.

It’s all part of QMotion’s mission to increase the customer’s enjoyment and reduce maintenance to the absolute minimum.

This is all part of a package so advanced that QMotion Shades won the prestigious WCMA Product Innovation Award in 2012.

Details: For more information on battery-life claims and testing, see www.QMotionShades.com.

Media Note: For more information, call Caron Sjoberg or Mark O’Brien at 850-434-9095 or carons@ideaworksusa.com or marko@ideaworksusa.com

About QMotion Shades
QMotion is a leader in the field of automation for homes and businesses. QMotion has rapidly expanded both nationally and internationally as word spreads of its nearly silent automated shades, stylish designs and batteries that last up to seven years, far longer than their rivals. Installation is a snap, another reason QMotion is a hit with home automators. QMotion, based in Pensacola, Fla., provides a five-year warranty and offers innovative solutions for businesses and homes with complicated shade problems.