QMotion Partners with Dobbs Stanford to Sell Automated Window Shades April 10th, 2013

PENSACOLA, Fla. (April 2013) –QMotion Advanced Shading Systems has announced its partnership with Dobbs Stanford, a longtime Dallas firm. The new link up will help QMotion market its products and expand its business in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

QMotion said it chose Dobbs Stanford because it has a distinguished track record and because it has offices and employees in the states being targeted. Dobbs Stanford has been in business since 1970 and has been representing some manufacturers for 30 years or more.

“We love Dobbs Stanford's enthusiasm and their experience,” said Ben Kutell, director of marketing for QMotion. “Obviously, a company doesn’t stay in business for more than 40 years unless it has a proven record of credibility and customer service, and those are some of Dobb Stanford’s great strengths.”

Dobbs Stanford has a strong background in audio-visual items and other high-tech devices, which meshes well with QMotion’s automated shades for homes and businesses.   

Woody Taylor, the vice president of Dobbs Stanford, said he was glad to learn of QMotion from other representatives who spoke highly of the company.

“Our dealers need opportunities like this to enhance their bottom line with a category with healthy profit margins,” Taylor said.  “We are looking forward to a long and profitable relationship with QMotion.”

In 2012, the Window Covering Manufacturing Association gave QMotion its award for “Best New Technological Innovation” for creating a system that quietly raises and lowers automated shades. QMotion’s systems also are remarkably easy to install; each system operates on ordinary batteries which are out of sight and last far longer than competitors’ systems. With more than 180 fabric options, the shades are assembled at Qmotion's plant in Pensacola, Fla. and are safe for homes with small children and pets.

Details: See QmotionShades.com

About QMotion Advanced Shading Systems
QMotion, based in Pensacola, Fla., is a leader in the field of automation for homes and businesses. It has rapidly expanded both nationally and internationally as word spreads of its nearly silent automated shades, stylish designs and batteries that last years longer than their rivals. Installation is a snap, another reason that QMotion window coverings are a hit with home automators. QMotion provides a five-year warranty and offers innovative solutions for businesses and homes with complicated shade problems.