KoolBlack Turns Down the Heat for QMotion Shades October 31st, 2013

PENSACOLA, Fla. July 22, 2013 — A new line of window coverings from QMotion Advanced Shading Systems makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of dark window shades, while also conserving energy.

This is possible thanks to KoolBlack Technology. These high-tech fabrics, developed over the course of five years and released in 2012 by Mermet, enhance the heat reflectivity of dark-colored fabrics.

Until the advent of this technology, designers and architects wishing to incorporate dark-colored fabrics into their designs faced a dilemma: While the darker fabrics provided better view through, glare control, and curb appeal, they also absorbed more heat than lighter shades.

KoolBlack eliminates that dilemma, providing consumers with the best of both worlds.

“The science is sound,” QMotion Marketing Director Ben Kutell said, “which is why architects and decorators are beginning to specify KoolBlack in their projects. It pays off with great results. QMotion shades with KoolBlack Technology will lower cooling costs and create more comfortable homes and offices.”

QMotion, based in Pensacola, Fla., has earned a reputation for smart design and even smarter innovation.

The company won the Window Covering Manufacturing Association award for "Best New Technological Innovation" in 2012 — for a system that significantly extends battery life and reduces noise. QMotion also created the first automated shade with a manual override option.

Just this year, the company announced the release of Qsync, a system that allows homeowners to easily adjust their shades from anywhere with just the tap of a touch screen on their mobile device.

Anyone, not just electricians, can install QMotion shades. This makes them the ideal choice for owners who want automated shades, without the cost and hassle of rewiring their property.


Media note: For more information, contact Caron Sjoberg at carons@ideaworksusa.com or Mark O’Brien at marko@ideaworksusa.com or call 850-434-9095.

QMotion shades are assembled in the United States and sold both nationally and internationally. They are available in hundreds of colors and style options. The shades come with a five-year warranty. For more information, please visit www.qmotionshades.com.