QIS Power and Communication Panel
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Product Information:

QMotion QIS Hardwired shades deliver a robust and dependable control system. The QIS systems are also compatible with fascia as well as controls.

  • Battery tube is replaced with a male transformer lead.
  • Each shade comes with a 6" wire.
  • They will ship with a male connector and an in-line coupler keystone insert module so that the shade can be installed, regardless of the job.
  • Used with a Power and Communication Panel that can control up to 8 shades and/or controls.
  • Max number of devices on the QIS system 200.
  • Maximum distance from wall switch to farthest Power and Communication Panel is 1,000 feet.
  • Power and Communication Panel comes with own power supply.
  • Shades may be controlled with either iOS or Android smart devices or QdR2 remote for Zigbee HA1.2. The use of QdR2 remotes with QIS shades requires a QzHub3.
  • Each Power and Communication Panel is designed to distribute the appropriate power to as many as eight shades or control devices.
  • QMotion QIS Hardwired Shades offer the same unique and patented manual override system as our battery operated shades.
  • Available with Zigbee HA1.2 proprietary protocol, 2-way communication.
  • The panel also provides protection against short circuit or overload to individual shades.
  • Maximum wire length for RS485 communication  is 2,000 feet from source to shade.