Qbasic+ Upgradeable Roller Shades
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Product Information:



  • Maximum width: 120"
  • Maximum height: 120"
  • Light gaps: Uniform 5/8" per side 


The Qbasic+ bracket not only allows motorized conversion at either end of a shade, but it can also be adjusted for 1/4" movement, to reduce the need for shimming or taping the the tube during installation. There are several different mounting brackets offered depending on application requirements:

Bracket Applications:

  • Non-fascia shades ship with universal brackets. 
  • Pocket applications fit best with 2" or 3" pocket closure. Please note pocket requests on order form. 
  • Verify bracket dimensions in the space where the shades will be installed. Accommodate space to install roll in pocket and reverse roll applications. Please refer to bracket illustrations in section G of the Product Guide
  • The numerical designation represents the maximum size roll up diameter the bracket can support. 2.6" brackets accommodate roll sizes from 2.0" - 2.6". 3.3" brackets accommodate roll sizes from 2.6" - 3.3". 

Roll Size Guidelines:

  • Roll size is determined at the time an order is quoted and is dependent on material thickness, tube diameter, and the height of the shade. Fabric listing tables provide the maximum shade height for 2.6" and 3.3" brackets depending on fabric type and width of shade. 
  • Specify top or back mount, side/top mount, or side/back mount and either reverse or standard roll on order form. 
  • All brackets may be side mounted.