Honeycomb Shades
Manual Honeycomb Shade
Honeycomb Shades Headrail and Bottom Rail Accent Colors Headrail and Bottom Rail colors Honeycomb Headrail and Bottom Rail Accent Colors

Product Information:

  • 9 color coordinated headrail and bottom rail colors
  • Excellent solution for child safety
  • Fully adjustable upper limit
  • Fully compatible with QMotion automated shades and brackets
  • Future automation upgrades are possible

On QMotion Manual Honeycomb Shades, there will be inherent elasticity on fabric of some shades.  As a result, over time a shade may not stay positioned exactly in the location where it is placed by hand. This drift is typically under a few inches, and may result in a slight raising or a lowering of the hembar over time. This fabric effect can be limited by fully raising the shade to the top position and leaving it there for 8 - 12 hours.