Automated Drapery Rod Three Finger Pinch Pleat
Three Finger Pinch Pleat
Automated Drapery Rod Three Finger Pinch Pleat Automated Drapery Rod Goblet Pleat Automated Drapery Rod Two Finger Pinch Pleat Automated Drapery Rod Tailored Pleat

Product Information:

Drapery Pleat Options

Three Finger Pinch Pleat
Get the classic, polished look with the Three Finger Pinch Pleat. The pleat complements any fabric and will stay in style for years to come. Just like QMotion's Motorized Drapery Rod, this pleat style is elegant, yet practical and durable for everyday use.

Two Finger Pinch Pleat
The Two Finger Pinch Pleat possesses all of the classic elegance of the Three Finger Pinch Pleat, but it utilizes less fabric. The decrease in fabric simplifies the space and look of the drapery rod to give the space an overall clean feel.

Goblet Pleat
Dress up your space with a QMotion Motorized Drapery Rod adorned with a rich Goblet pleated fabric. Goblet Pleats offer a unique and traditional design for any area. The beauty of the Goblet pleat is that it will always maintain its shape because of stiff buckrum inside each individual fold.

Tailored Pleat
Put a modern spin on a timeless classic with the Tailored Pleat. This drapery style accentuates the beauty of the QMotion Motorized Drapery Rod, making the combination of fabric and hardware a focal point for any room. Tailored Pleat draperies pair tastefully with formal decor as well as with a minimalist style. 

The QMotion Drapery Rod System is not compatible with the following style options:

  • Grommet
  • Rod Pocket
  • Ripple Fold