How to change the batteries

For information on the changing of roller shade batteries refer to your owner's guide, or visit this battery changing page.

For information on the changing of the batteries in honeycomb shades and other products, please refer to the relevant owner's manuals.

If you experience any difficulties, or notice any piece or part that looks concerning, loose or broken, please contact us for assistance.

Battery Life and Disposal Statements  Battery Life

Battery life claim of up to 3 years is based on internal cycle testing considering 2 full movements per day and calculations of battery drain from radio and dormant activities. Optimal battery life will vary based on use, and a correct installation of an unmodified shade. No claim is made for certification of guaranteed performance or expectations of battery expectancy.

QMotion Low Voltage Roller Shades deliver all the same QMotion elegance and function, including the extreme quietness that is inherent in all QMotion products. They are also compatible with the collection of QMotion Control systems.

Competing Battery systems may be available, but they are based on different technologies and tend to be louder than Qmotion Advanced Shading Systems. If considering price more than anything, remember that those systems may require more than two battery changes over the life of a single set in Qadvanced Advanced Shading Systems. Also, those shades may require lithium batteries, which may cost as much as $80 per shade*, and might be difficult to change leading to possible trip charges from a professional to do the work.

QMotion Advanced Shading Systems uses Alkaline batteries when customers order battery shades, which are considered safe household waste. Here is a government document describing disposal.

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