Q: What makes QMotion shades the right choice for parents with young children at home?

A: QMotion motorized shades are a great choice for families with young children because they have no pull cords which can be a strangulation hazard. QMotion also offers our patented manual override system which allows users, regardless of age, to activate the shade which a gentle tug.

Q: Does QMotion sell shades directly to consumers? If I am a consumer, how do I purchase QMotion shades?

A: QMotion only sells through authorized QMotion dealers. You can find the dealer nearest you by using our dealer locator or by calling 877-849-6070.

Q: How do I clean and care for my QMotion shades?

A: You can remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air. It is not recommended to use solvents, or scrub your shades with an abrasive substance. This might damage the coating of the fabric. For more intense cleaning, please contact us for instructions.

Q: Where can QMotion shades be repaired?

A: The original dealer where you purchased your QMotion shades may be able to repair or service your shades. If they are not able to assist you, call QMotion Customer Service at 877-849-6070.

Q: What warranty covers my QMotion shades?

A: We offer a five year warranty on everything except the batteries, for more information on the warranty please visit http://www.qmotionshades.com/support-center/tabs/warranty.

Q: Are QMotion shades environmentally friendly products?

A: Depending on the choices of fabrics, you can select some which have various “green” certifications. Additionally, QMotion practices efficient manufacturing to minimize the ecologically adverse impact. When using battery powered QMotion shades, the batteries are Alkaline style, which the EPA has determined are safe enough to be disposed with other household trash.

Q: What awards or recognitions has QMotion received for its product line?

A: QMotion has received numerous awards, including Best New Technical Innovation from the WCMA. You can learn more about our recognition and awards from the 'About' page at the top of the page.

Q: What type of replacement batteries will I have to purchase?

A: QMotion shades utilize standard “D-Cell” Alkaline batteries. Depending on the size of your shade they will take between 3-8 batteries.

Q: What is an 'energy efficient' window shade? Will this type of shade help reduce at home utility costs?

A: An energy efficient shade is one which does not consume much electricity when running, and may also help manage power consumption in a space, as well. QMotion shades are among the least “energy thirsty”, and our light filtering materials can help a space to be well lit while moderating the effects of the sun and giving privacy.

Q: What is compatible among the various QdR and QdR2 remote controls?

A: Find the detailed chart here: http://qmotionshades.com/system/support_documents/files/000/000/237/original/QdR___QdR2_Compatibility_Chart.pdf?1553701244