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An energy efficient shade is one which does not consume much electricity when running, and may also help manage power consumption in a space, as well. QMotion shades are among the least “energy thirsty”, and our light filtering materials can help a space to be well lit while moderating the effects of the sun and giving privacy. 

QMotion's shades are developed with the environment in mind. Not only are many of our shade fabrics certified with various green certifications, our automated window shades can also help reduce your home energy consumption, which can lower your power bills.

Depending on the choices of fabrics, you can select some which have various “green” certifications. Additionally, QMotion practices efficient manufacturing to minimize the ecologically adverse impact.

When using battery powered QMotion shades the batteries are Alkaline style, which the EPA has determined are safe enough to be disposed of with other household trash.

In addition to our mechanisms, QMotion uses Alkaline batteries, when customers order battery shades, which are considered safe household waste. Here is a government document describing disposal.

As for the fabrics, many of ours are Greenguard Certified, and others are PVC free or Oeko-tex 100 certified.

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